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Workflow Failure Notification
Workflow Failure Notification

Receive notifications for Workflow failures

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Note: Workflow Failure Notifications are only available for Admin users.

An Admin user can subscribe to receive a Workflow failure notification in the GoFormz Web Application (browser only) and/or as an Email. By default, all admins will have these notifications disabled but can visit their 'My Profile' page on the Web Application to subscribe.

Update Notification Settings

1. Select the user's name to navigate to ‘My Profile' page and then click Notifications from the left sidebar menu.

2. Set notification preference.

  • Email: Email notification will be sent to username email for each workflow failure

  • In App (Web Only): When triggered, in app notifications will show in the bell found in the top right corner of your web page

  • Enable All: Both Email and In App (Web Only) notifications will be triggered by a Workflow failure

In App (Web Only) Notification

Failed Workflows that trigger an In App (Web Only) notification will show in the Notification Center. Simply click on the bell in the top right corner of the Web App.

The Workflow Job Failed will show the Workflow name and instance number.

Selecting the Workflow name will take you to the job log to view more details associated with the failure.

Email Notification

Failed Workflows that trigger an Email will send to the email address found on your 'My Profile' page.

The email notification will include the following:

  • Workflow name

  • Error messages received

  • Link to Job Log page to view more detailed information

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