New Features & Updates

Receive notifications by email or in the GoFormz web application when a workflow job fails

Admin users can now choose if they would like to receive notifications when a workflow job fails by email, in-app, or both. For example, if enabled, an email will be sent to your email user name if a workflow fails due to a disconnected app connection, an incorrect value in a step, etc.

Note: this notification is only available for Admin users and will fire for all workflow job failures.

Learn more about Workflow Notifications here.

Additional Updates

Workflow - Added a workflow job log to show when a workflow is triggered but deactivated for a custom action, webhook, or manual retry workflow.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the Variable replacement to fail when trailed by double quote in a workflow

  • Fixed a bug causing the Value portion of the Vlookup function to not work properly with Integer

  • Fixed a bug causing the Font Color to default to Yellow instead of black when resetting the Dynamic Field Property

  • Fixed a bug causing the Time and Date Time modals to use global time format instead of field format

  • Fixed a bug causing the arrow to overlap the word 'Industry' when creating a new account

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