New Features & Updates

Choose to require the recipient of a Form-Based Public Form to verify their Email or Phone number before accessing Form

When sending a Public Form link of an existing form by email or text message, you can now choose to require the recipient to verify the email or phone number that the form was sent to.

This setting is optional and only available for Public Forms that are based on a form AND are sent either by text message or email through the Create Public Form Modal.

If this setting is enabled for a Public Form, the recipient of the link will see a new verification page before accessing the form. Here, the recipient will be prompted to enter the email or the phone number [depending on the method of sharing] that this link was originally sent to. Once entered correctly, the recipient will move forward to the Form and can enter their data as needed.

If the recipient does not enter the email/phone number correctly, they will receive an error asking them to try again or contact the form sender. The email address or phone number entered does need to be an exact match for the recipient to move forward.

Additional Updates

  • Workflow & Integrations

    • Custom Workflows [must have custom workflows enabled] - Added support for Trigger and Step descriptions in the Add Step and Add Trigger modals

    • Office 365 App - Added create 'Upsert Rows to Sheets' Command

    • GSuite App - Added update 'Upsert Row to Sheet' Command

  • Account Management

    • Added support for a max password limit of 50 characters

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing users to be prompted to log out of a Public Form instance when logging out of the Web App

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