New Features & Updates

[New] GoFormz Resource Center

The new Resource Center provides quick access to FAQs specific to the page you’re viewing, our broader help docs, videos, in-product tours, release notes, and helpful blog posts. Access the Resource Center by navigating to the top right corner and clicking on the ? icon.

Finally in the Resource Center, you can provide your feedback directly to the GoFormz Team and community. This is great for new ideas that will make your GoFormz experience better, feedback on existing features or products, or feedback for the GoFormz team.

Note: If you are experiencing an issue that may be a bug such as broken functionality, strange unintended behavior, etc. please contact support using the bubble in the bottom right corner instead of sending your feedback through this portal.

[New] Choose the format for each Date, Time, and Date/Time field in the Template Editor

Template Builders can now choose their desired formatting for Date, Time, and/or Date & Time fields in the Template Editor. By default, each field will inherit the account settings for formatting, but if the Date or Time Format property is changed in the Template Editor, that field will respect that setting moving forward.

[New] Workflow Editor - Edit Step ID in the Workflow Editor

Workflow editors can now edit the Step ID in the Workflow editor. Previously, a Step ID could only be set when creating the workflow, but now Workflow Editors can set a custom ID for each step at any point when in the editor. When a Step ID is updated, all references to that ID will also be updated throughout other steps in the same Workflow.

Note: Two commands cannot have the same Step ID in the same workflow. If an ID is changed to an existing step ID on a different step, the new ID will not save and will revert to the previous setting when clicked away from.

Bugs Fixed

Web Application Only

  • Fixed a bug causing the DateTimeValue field to not populate when saving a form on the Web Form Editor

  • Fixed some misalignments on the Public Forms submission page for the Mobile Web App

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