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GoFormz Resource Center

The Resource Center offers quick answers, relevant tours, feedback opportunities, and more all within the GoFormz web application.

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The GoFormz Resource Center offers assets providing information on GoFormz tasks and concepts.

Access the Resource Center when you click the question mark icon in the upper right-hand corner of the GoFormz web app.

Screenshot displaying the GoFormz web app with an arrow and dotted-outline box indicating the location of the Resource Center question mark icon.

The Resource Center slides in from the right side of the web page.

Navigating the Resource Center

If you want to learn more about GoFormz tasks and concepts, the Resource Center is where you will do just that. Learn about everything from how to log in to your account to how other users are finding success with GoFormz.

Screenshot displaying the landing panel for the Resource Center in the GoFormz web app.

The Resource Center offers access to six resources and addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The resources you will find are:

Explore help articles in the GoFormz Knowledge Base to learn solutions to any problems you might encounter in GoFormz. These articles address both tasks and concepts.


Access categorized video created by the GoFormz team. Video topics include Getting Started, Templates, Forms, ProTips, and Webinars.

Product Tours

Product Tours guide you through a brief, in-app walkthrough of GoFormz's core functions.

GoFormz News

When we release noteworthy updates to the GoFormz app, you'll find details listed under Release Notes.

The GoFormz Blog contains case studies, white papers, and customer success stories. These blog posts offer creative ways GoFormz users find value across an array of industries.

Provide Feedback is powered by our Customer Feedback Portal. Here, you can view ideas, and submit and track feedback for ideas on how to improve the GoFormz experience.

Additional Resources

The resources listed in the GoFormz Resource Center will provide answers to most questions you encounter.

But we know that some questions are unique to your situation. If none of these resources address your problem, please contact GoFormz support.

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