Opening the Resource Center

The GoFormz Resource Center can be opened by clicking on the question mark icon located next to the notification and profile drop-downs. After clicking on the question mark icon, the resource center will slide in from the right side of the page.

Using the Resource Center

There are two sections within the Resource Center. The upper section contains various buttons and the lower section lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The Buttons:

Help Articles

This button links to our help docs where you can find detailed guides related to each aspect of GoFormz, including this guide.


After clicking the Video button, you are presented with various categories. Clicking into any of these categories takes you to a list of relevant videos.

Product Tours

Product Tours opens a sub-page of the Resource Center where you can tour a specific part of the product. After choosing a tour, you will be taken to the correct page and then the tour will begin.

Release Notes

This button links to the release notes section of our help docs where you can find detailed write ups explaining each update from the release.


This button links to the GoFormz Blog where our team is constantly adding interesting and insightful content.

Provide Feedback

The Provide Feedback button opens a list of product categories. These categories represent the different components of GoFormz.

After clicking into a category, you are greeted with a text box where you can describe your feedback or idea. After clicking next, you will either be able to add an upvote to a similar idea or you can post a new idea to our forum.

This is powered by our new customer feedback portal which is where your posted idea or up vote will be sent. This is a publicly facing portal where you can view ideas, submit feedback, and track feedback as it moves throughout the different stages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This section list page specific FAQs. This means that as you explore the application the FAQs will update to match the content on the page.

Simply click on the question to see an answer along with a link to a related help article.

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