New Features & Updates

  • Added PDF Export support for

    • Fractions

    • Japanese characters

  • Updated Year, Month and Day formulas to accept string values from DataValue

Bugs Fixed

PDF Export

  • Fixed a bug causing images to not export properly when using a List View Only Templates

Forms Editor & Fields

  • Fixed bugs causing sketch fields to be unable to parse certain characters when loading and allowing special characters in the Text editor to show URL encoded value

  • Fixed a bug causing text-based signatures not to load when opening modal

  • Fixed a bug causing the app to crash when a database modal selection is made at the same time the iOS auto-correction is applied

  • Fixed bugs causing Barcode field button controls to cause unexpected behavior


  • Fixed a bug causing the value portion of a Vlookup calculation to not work properly with Integers

  • Fixed a bug causing environment variables in the calculation builder to produce unexpected results when a field exists with the same name

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various minor bugs causing UI elements to not appears as expected

  • Fixed a bug causing the app to freeze when swiping to go back if certain modals are open

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