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Workflow Versioning

Learn what Workflow Versioning is and how versions of your workflow are saved

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Workflow Versioning helps you create a comprehensive audit trail for each Workflow change by automatically saving a version.

A new version for a Workflow is created and saved each time a workflow is saved.

Workflow versions and the full or history can be found when viewing the Workflow by opening the actions menu and selecting Workflow History.

For each version, the history modal will show:

  • The user who saved the workflow version

  • Date/time when the version was created

  • Link to a read-only view of that version in the Workflow Editor

Note: If 'Created By' is blank the initial workflow was copied by GoFormz into your account before Workflow History feature was created.
Any user who has access to Workflows can view the workflow history from the web app and the current version of a workflow will always be the latest version. This means if you rerun a workflow it will run using the latest version of that workflow.

When selecting the Version to view in the Workflow Editor, it will open a new tab to show the previous version in a read-only view.

Workflow Versioning FAQs

What creates a new version?

Saving the workflow creates a new version.

Can I revert my workflow to a previous version?

At this time, you cannot revert your current workflow to a previous version. You can view a previous version by clicking on the Version # in Workflow History. This will open that version of the form in a read-only view.

When I save a new version & rerun a workflow, which version will be used in the rerun?

A workflow rerun will always utilize the newest version of the workflow.

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