New Features & Updates

Redesigned Account Management page + Ability to set account billing email address (admins only)

What's New?

Manage your personal and account-wide settings from a newly designed and centralized Account Management page. To navigate to this page, click on your initials or image in the top right corner of the Web App. Then select any option (except for Logout) to be taken to the new Account Details page.

Using the simple navigation on the left, explore your personal settings such as My Details and Notifications. Here, you can also manage your User & Groups, Subscription & Billing, and update your account-wide settings such as Company Name or Account Billing Email.

<a href= Shot 2022-04-11 at 9.03.30 AM.png"/>

Finally, use this page to explore how your team is using GoFormz from a high level through key metrics. These metrics include:

  1. Forms Created / Completed

  2. Public Form Submissions

  3. API Hourly Usage (must have API access)

  4. API Daily Usage (must have API access)

  5. Workflow Steps executed (must have Workflow access)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing the Bulk Create Forms function to not populate text fields with database calculations as expected

  • Fixed a bug causing the Test Formula function in the Calculation Builder to not be scrollable

  • Fixed a bug causing the resent password UI to not show the appropriate token error

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