Create a new Box connection to automatically upload completed PDF's to your Box account. With this connection you can also map Form fields to a file using template metadata.

Before you begin, verify that you have access to an existing Box account. GoFormz recommends creating a 'GoFormz Connection' Box account used exclusively for this connection. The Box account used for this connection will display as the user who completes any actions using this connection.

Note: This connection gives GoFormz access to your Box account to read and write files, but GoFormz will not have management access for any of your Box settings.

Follow the steps below to create your new Box connection in the GoFormz web app:

  1. Access the More dropdown menu.
    Click Connected Apps.

Screenshot image of the GoFormz web app with the

You will navigate to the App Connections screen.

2. Click Add Connection next to the Box application block.

Screenshot image of the Box application block in the GoFormz web app.

The Box authorization window will appear.

3. Provide the login information for the Box account you want linked to your connected.

Note: You will need to re-authenticate this connection each time you change your Box account password.

Click Authorize.
You will automatically navigate to (the connection management page).

4. Click Grant access to Box.

Your new connection will appear in your Connections list with a generic name (ex. "Box Connection 3").

Note: GoFormz recommends renaming your connection to aid in connection management. Best practice is to include your Box username as part of the connection name.

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