Twilio integration overview

Share form links or send form data via SMS with the GoFormz-Twilio connection.

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Twilio provides programmable tools to streamline your communication medium management.

The GoFormz-Twilio connection allows you to collect and share information using digital forms via SMS link.

Create a Twilio connection to start leveraging these features. Once connected you can configure the GoFormz-Twilio connection's Send Text Message action.

Send Text Message

After you create a Twilio connection you are ready to establish the Send Text Message action. This action allows you to send text messages through your Twilio account.

Screenshot image showing the fields necessary to create a Twilio "Send Tex Message" action in GoFormz.

Send Text Messages requires that you configure Connection, Recipient Phone Number, Sender Phone Number, and Message Body to establish your action.

Note: All Twilio phone numbers are formatted using the E.164 format. Click here for more information about E.164 formatting.


Connection is a dropdown menu which lists your available Twilio connections. Here you will also create any new connections.

Recipient Phone Number

Recipient Phone Number is the destination phone number for your SMS message.

If you capture a phone number using a form field, then you can establish a trigger to automatically fill in the Recipient Phone Number.

Sender Phone Number

Sender Phone Number is the Sender ID or "From" number associated with your Twilio account. View and manage this number in your Twilio account.

Message Body

The Message Body is the content of your SMS message. This message has a character limit of 1600 characters.

Note: Links cannot be included in any email or text messages dispatched from your GoFormz account. This includes any alphanumeric content that resembles a link (ex.

Your Message Body can reference Public Form links or form data. Establish these references using form field triggers.

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