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Add a new Microsoft OneDrive connection
Add a new Microsoft OneDrive connection

Add a OneDrive connection to your GoFormz account to take advantage of the available Microsoft OneDrive Workflows.

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Use the GoFormz-OneDrive connection to upload submitted PDFs to your existing Microsoft OneDrive account.

Before you begin, verify that you have access to an OneDrive account. GoFormz recommends creating a 'GoFormz Connection' OneDrive account used only for this connection. This account will display as the GoFormz user who completes any actions.

Your new connection provides GoFormz with access to your OneDrive account to read and write files, but GoFormz will not have management access for any of your OneDrive settings.

You'll need to re-authenticate this connection each time you update your OneDrive account password.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: If you add your connection using Safari, you may need to allow pop-ups from GoFormz to successfully add your connection.

Navigate to the Workflows tab in the GoFormz web app where you'll access the Workflow Dashboard. Next, follow the steps below to add your new connection.

  1. Click the Manage Connected Apps card.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the Manage Connected Apps card on the Workflow Dashboard in the GoFormz web app.

    You'll navigate to the App Connections screen.

  2. Locate the OneDrive connection card.
    ​Click + Add Connection.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the "Add Connection" button for the OneDrive connection card in the Connected Apps section of the GoFormz web app.

    The Start a new connection modal will appear.

  3. Enter your Microsoft 365 username and password.


    If you're already logged into your account, then skip to step 4.

  4. Click Accept.​

    Screenshot displaying the Microsoft authorization window in the GoFormz web app.

    If your connection is successful, you'll find a OneDrive connection card listed on the Connected Apps page under My Connections.

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