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Set Up a New BIM 360 Connection
Set Up a New BIM 360 Connection
Set up a new BIM 360 connection on the Connected Apps page of the GoFormz web app.
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Use the GoFormz-BIM 360 connection to upload submitted PDFs to your existing BIM 360 account.

Before you begin, verify that you have access to an existing BIM 360 account. GoFormz recommends creating a 'GoFormz Connection' BIM 360 account used only for this connection.

The BIM 360 account used for this connection will display as the user who completes any actions using this connection.

Follow the steps below to create your new BIM 360 connection in the GoFormz web app.

  1. Select Connected Apps from the More dropdown at the top of the GoFormz interface to navigate to the App Connections screen.

2. Select BIM 360 & Add Connection.
The Start a new connection window will appear.

3. Enter your BIM 360 credentials (username and password).
You won't need to do this if you're already logged into your BIM 360 account.

Note: You must re-authenticate this connection each time you change your BIM 360 account password.

4. Click Allow Access to complete the integration.
This will allow GoFormz to read and write files to your BIM 360 account, but GoFormz will not manage any of your BIM 360 settings.

Note: GoFormz recommends renaming your connection to aid in connection management. Best practice is to include your BIM 360 username as part of the connection name.

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