Automatically update a row or add a new row to your Google spreadsheet based on your completed Form with Workflows. You’ll find the process of updating or adding rows based on their condition referred to as upserting.

Before you set up this Workflow, you’ll need to connect Google Workspace. The connection you choose determines your options in the Spreadsheet, Worksheet, and Column Mapping options of this Workflow.

Set up this Workflow recipe in the GoFormz web app’s Workflows tab. Here you’ll click Create to navigate to the Workflow Recipes Library where you’ll complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Upsert to Google Sheet using a completed Form recipe.
    You'll navigate to the Workflow Recipe Builder.

    Screenshot displaying the "Upsert to Google Sheet Using a Completed Form" in the Workflow Recipe Builder in the GoFormz web app.

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the default Workflow name.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the pencil icon in the Workflow Recipe Builder in the GoFormz web app.

    Enter a Workflow name.

    Note: GoFormz recommends that you include the Template name used in the Workflow in your Workflow name.

  3. Establish your Form Completed trigger by configuring your Transferred To & Template details.

    Screenshot displaying the Form Completed trigger configuration details in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

    1. Select the appropriate user-based trigger using the Transferred To drop-down menu.
      Your Transferred To selection indicates the user or users for whom you want this action to apply. Options include Anyone, Specific User, or Group.

    2. Select the appropriate Template from the Template drop-down menu.

    Click Next.

  4. Establish your Upsert Row to Sheet action.
    This action requires that you configure your Connection, Spreadsheet, Sheet, and Column Mapping.

    Screenshot displaying the configuration details for the Google Workspace: Upsert Row to Sheet action in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

    1. Connection is a drop-down menu listing your available Google Workspace connections. Your Google Workspace connections determine the options available to you here.

    2. The Spreadsheet drop-down menu indicates the Spreadsheet Workbook where your new rows are added or updated.

    3. Sheet indicates the specific sheet tab where this action delivers your new rows.

    4. Map your Sheet Column Name from Google Sheets to your Sheet Cell Value with Column Mapping.

      Your Sheet Cell Value indicates the data you want to see in the corresponding cell. This can be a specific number, or a specific Field from your Template using Workflow Variables.

      Identify whether you want to add a new row or update an existing row when you specify a column as your Key Column.

  5. Click the Activation slider if you want your Workflow active immediately.
    The Workflow Activation status will display as Active or Inactive.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the Activation slider in the Workflow Recipe Builder in the GoFormz web app.

  6. Click Save.

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