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Delete your GoFormz account
Delete your GoFormz account

Delete your GoFormz account to free up any associated email addresses for use with a different GoFormz account.

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Permanently delete your GoFormz account and all associated data using this self-serve process. Before you delete your account, you should download all of your existing Form, report, and DataSource data.

Note: You can only delete your own account if your account type is either Basic or Trial.

You must be an account admin to delete your GoFormz account. If you’re not an account admin, you’ll be unable to delete your account.

After you’ve deleted your account, any email addresses associated with your account can be used for user profiles in other GoFormz accounts.

In the GoFormz web app, open the User Profile icon menu and select Account Details. You’ll navigate to the Settings page.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Delete Account button.
    Click Delete Account.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the Delete Account button on the Settings page of the GoFormz web app.

    A modal will appear.

  2. Type “DELETE ACCOUNT AND DATA” into the text box.

    Screenshot displaying the “Delete Your GoFormz Account?” modal in the GoFormz web app.

  3. Click Delete Account.
    You’ll navigate to a page which reads “Your GoFormz Account was successfully deleted.”

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