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Message Status log details
Message Status log details

Learn more about the status of messages you've sent from your GoFormz account.

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On the GoFormz web app, navigate to the Users and Groups page where you’ll find a Message Status log that provides you with information about the email and text messages sent from your account within the previous 180 days.

Note: When using Twilio, your Message Status Log displays all messages sent via Twilio whether or not they were sent using your GoFormz integration.

The message details you’ll find on the Message Status Log page include Message Type, Status, To, Message, and Timestamp.

Message Type indicates whether the corresponding message was sent as a text or an email.

Next, you’ll find your message’s current Status. A message may be queued, requested, processed, delivered, or bounced.

The email address or phone number to which your message was sent is displayed in the To column. If you send an email with two recipients, both email addresses appear here.

In the Message column you’ll find different information based on whether your message was an email or text message. When an email is sent, this displays the email’s subject line. When a text message is sent, this displays the entire text message.

Timestamp indicates the date and time when the corresponding message dispatch started.

When you click a row a modal will launch and display all details and events related to the selected message. Here you’ll find additional details to those displayed on the primary page including Correlation ID, Message ID, Provider, and Events.

Screenshot displaying the Message Status details on the GoFormz web app.

Correlation ID is a reference value you can use to troubleshoot messaging issues in GoFormz.

Similarly, the Message ID is a reference value, but this value is used to troubleshoot issues in SendGrid or Twilio.

The Provider details you find depend on whether your message was sent via email or text message. If sent by email, your provider displays as SendGrid. When you send via text message, your provider displays as Twilio.

In Events you’ll find details about each event related to your selected message including Timestamp, Event, Response, and Reason.

  • Timestamp indicates the date and time at which the corresponding event occurred.

  • For each timestamp you’ll find a corresponding event indicating the providers response at the given time. Possible events include queued, requested, processed, delivered, or bounced.

  • Response provides additional details about the provider’s response. This information is not always populated.

  • The farthest right Events column provides details on the Reason the corresponding event occurred. This information is not always populated.

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