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Access your GoFormz user profile
Access your GoFormz user profile

Learn to access your GoFormz user profile to create and complete Forms in GoFormz.

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A GoFormz user profile is how an individual accesses an organization's GoFormz account. An account admin should initiate a user profile for every person who needs to access their organization's GoFormz account.

Access the GoFormz mobile or web app to log in to your user profile using your email address and password, or using Single Sign-On (SSO).

Screenshot displaying the GoFormz web app log-in page.

An email address can only be attached to a single GoFormz user profile. GoFormz users who need to GoFormz accounts for multiple organizations will need an Independent User profile.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: If you're attempting to create a user profile and receive the message: "This user ID is already in use", please contact GoFormz Support.

User profile's can be deactivated by an account admin. When necessary, GoFormz strongly recommends deactivating a user profile in favor of requesting to delete their profile. Deleting a user profile can compromise the integrity of your collected data.

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