Note: This article assumes a basic understanding of how the GoFormz user/group/permission infrastructure works. If you are new to this topic, please start by reading this article.

This article goes over all permissions available in GoFormz. For each permission, we give a brief description of the type of access or capability that it provides, and link to some of the relevant documentation for those capabilities. The rest of this article is divided into 4 sections by permission type:

See here to learn how to set up permissions on a group. See here to better understand how permissions fit into the GoFormz user and group structure.

Management permissions

These permissions govern management-level functionality within GoFormz, such as which web interface modules the user can access.

  • Access Web Dashboard: Access to the GoFormz web application. When this is turned off, the users in the group will only have access to the Web Form Editor and the mobile app. 

  • Allow members to Edit, Add or Delete Form templates they can access: Access to the Templates Tab. This includes adding, editing and deleting templates. Template permissions can be further restricted via Template Folder permissions (see below). 

  • Allow members to Edit, Add or Delete Reports: Access to the Reports Tab. This includes all report functionality, such as creating, viewing, and scheduling reports. 

  • Allow members to Edit, Add or Delete Public Form links: Ability to create and manage Public Form links for sharing forms to non-GoFormz users.   

  • Create new form tags: Ability to create new form tags. 

  • Edit & Delete existing form tags: Ability to manage the tags available in your account, including renaming and deleting tags. 

Form permissions

These permissions govern access to form-level functionality, like the ability to transfer, complete, and delete forms. These permissions affect both the web interface and the mobile app. For instance, if you turn on the permission to complete forms for a particular group, the users in that group will be able to complete forms both via the web interface and via the mobile app.

Here are the available form permissions:

*Note: These permissions will not affect any automated workflows, they only affect individual actions taken by the user. For instance, if a user does not have form transfer permissions, this will only affect their ability to transfer forms to other users; automated form transfers involving that user will still continue to occur, if any are set up.

Template folder permissions

These permissions control access to template folders. The two permissions below are set individually for each template folder in your account.

  • View member's forms: Ability to view all forms created using the templates in this folder — rather than just the forms that are assigned to you.

    • Note: if enabled, this will show forms created by ANY user allowed to use the same template folder, not just those in the same group.

  • Use templates: Ability to use the templates in this folder. This includes creating forms from these templates and editing templates if they have the management permission for form templates (see above).

Administrative privileges

Account administrators have all the permissions described above, as well as several additional privileges. These include:

To grant administrative privileges to a user, add them to the top-level “Administrators” group.

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