Public Forms overview

Public Forms collect data from non-GoFormz users. In the Public Forms tab, you'll create your Public Form using your Form or Template.

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Collect data from people outside of your organization with Public Forms. Create, send, and manage your Public Forms in the Public Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.

In the Public Forms tab, you’ll create your Public Form using your existing Form or Template. Creating your Public Form generates a Public Form link. Next, you’ll determine how you want to deliver your Public Form link.

Your recipient opens the link you send and submits their completed Public Form using the Public Form Editor. View and manage your received Public Form submissions in the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.

Public Forms are charged to your GoFormz account on a per-credit basis. If your GoFormz account subscription level is either Team or Advanced, then you can buy additional credits on the GoFormz web app.

🗒️ Note: If you have a Basic account, you’ll need to upgrade to Team or Advanced to use Public Forms.

Your account is charged one credit each time somebody submits a Public Form. If somebody creates a Public Form but does not submit it, no credits will be deducted from your account.

On the GoFormz web app, you'll choose your Public Form's source, delivery method, and automations. When setting up your Public Forms, be sure you’re aware of any potentially related compliance considerations.

Create and Send Public Forms

The first step in creating your Public Form is choosing it's source. You'll decide whether you want a user to complete all available Form data fields, or only some of the available fields.

Screenshot displaying where a user selects to either create a Template-based Public Form or Form-based Public Form on the Public Forms page of the GoFormz web app.

Each type of Public Form fulfills a different need - learn about each below to determine which makes sense for your project.

Template-based Public Forms

If you want somebody from outside of your organization to fill out a Form with no pre-filled information, use a Template-based Public Form. A Template-based Public Form is intended for multi-use situations.

When you create a Template-based Public Form, you'll generate a Public Form link for distribution. Send your Public Form link via email, through a sharing app, or on your website. Consider Template-based Public Forms for surveys and questionnaires.

Each time a Public Form is created and submitted using your Public Form link, a new Form is created from your chosen Template with no pre-filled fields.

Form-based Public Forms

If you want to pre-fill some information on the Form and have your recipient complete the remaining fields, use a Form-based Public Form. Form-based Public Forms are intended for single-use situations.

You can share your Form-based Public Form via email, text, or a directly shared Public Form link. If you need to collect a verified signature, or receive a completed approval form you should consider using a Form-based Public Form.

🗒️ Note: Once you select how you'll share your Form-based Public Form, you cannot share your generated link using a different method.

When a Public Form is created and submitted using a Form-based Public Form link, the recipient receives the Form containing the pre-filled information. They'll only be able to fill out the fields you indicate when creating the Public Form.

Public Forms and eSignature security and compliance considerations

With eSignature fields you can capture legally binding, E-SIGN compliant signatures using Public Forms.

🗒️ Note: State, county, and international laws may also require additional steps when capturing a legally compliant electronic signature. Always verify your use of eSignature with your local laws.

E-SIGN compliance requires that your Public Form be submitted to an email address or phone number directly associated with your intended recipient, so you must use a Form-based Public Form when collecting an eSignature to maintain E-SIGN compliance.

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