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The differences between Templates and Forms
The differences between Templates and Forms

Learn about the difference between Forms and Templates in GoFormz, and how to manage and utilize them to collect data for your organization.

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In GoFormz, data collection guides both Templates and Forms.

Templates are the primary data-gathering document framework created by a member of your organization. Forms are unique instances of these documents created and completed by Form Users.

If you want to facilitate data collection, then you create a Template. If you want to provide data, then you create and complete a Form.

Collect data as an admin with Templates

Create Templates in the Templates tab of the GoFormz web app using the Template Editor. Any user with the appropriate permissions can create and manage Templates.

Templates act as your data collection blueprint. You can create Templates guided by your existing digital document, or using the mobile-optimized List View.

The data fields you include when you build a Template determine the data you receive when a Form User completes a Form. You can manage process and manage your data using GoFormz reporting and automations.

Create Form Users in Users and Groups. Assign users to the appropriate groups to allow them to create and complete the necessary Forms. Manage Form access in Group Settings.

If you need to collect information from somebody outside of your GoFormz account, you'll share a secure link which they'll access to create and submit a Form.

When you create a Template, Form Users create Forms based on that Template. The data fields you include determine the data the Form User provides.

Your Form Users complete the Form, and GoFormz initializes the next step in your data processing based on your instructions.

Provide data as a Form User with Forms

When you fill out a Form, you act as a Form User. Access your available Forms in the Forms tab. Select New to view the Templates you can use to create and complete a new Form.

Completing a Form initiates the next user-designated action.

The Form may be delivered to the intended recipient(s). Your recipient may be your admin or another user in your organization. If another user in your organization needs to add data or review the Form, then they'll receive the Form when you complete it.

A completed Form may also trigger a Workflow or other automation.

As a Form User, you can view and manage your saved and completed Forms in your user profile. Your drafted and completed Forms can also be viewed by your admin and any users with the appropriate permissions.

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