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Reports Tab: Managing reports
Reports Tab: Managing reports

Learn to manage your collection of Reports in the GoFormz Reporting Tool here.

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The Reports Tab lists all your reports. See here for an introduction to reports in GoFormz. This screen is your entry point to GoFormz reports; from here, you can find and edit existing reports, as well as create new ones.

To the right of each report name is the [...] Actions dropdown, which contains a set of actions that you can perform on the report:

  • Edit Report: Edit this report in the Report Designer.

  • Copy Report: Create a copy of this report. This is especially useful when you want to build a report that’s similar in structure and content to an existing report, but with a few small differences. In this common scenario, you can copy the existing report and use it as a starting point for your new report.

  • Schedule Workflow: Schedule the report to run periodically, and save and/or email the results.

  • Workflows: View all associated workflows with a single Report

  • Delete: Delete this report. Be careful when using the delete button — deleted reports cannot be restored!

If you have many reports in your account, they may not all fit on one page. The pagination controls at the bottom of the Reports Tab allow you to navigate through all your reports.

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