To access GoFormz account management, click the Account Icon in the top right corner of the GoFormz web interface.

The Account icon will show your Initials by default. Alternatively, if you have a Gravatar account associated with your sign-up email address, it will show the image assigned to that Gravatar account.

The account management dropdown menu will appear:

This dropdown contains the following options:

Subscription & Billing: This section shows your current GoFormz account subscription level and any upgrade options. This is also where the billing workflow is set up. See Billing FAQs for more.

Users & Groups: This section is used for user, group, and permissions management. This includes creating/deleting users, creating user groups, and assigning appropriate permission levels to each group.

Settings: This area lets you change various account-level settings. At this time, three groups of settings are available:

  1. Setting up a custom SMTP server for all outgoing emails to give you greater control & transparency.
  2. Changing export settings for reports.
  3. Setting up automatic emails that are sent whenever any form is completed. This type of operation is typically done at the form template level using Template Events — but sometimes it is useful to send an email when any form is completed, not just a form from a specific template. Admins can configure these emails here.

Logout: Select this to log out of your GoFormz account.

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