To access GoFormz account management, click the Account Icon in the top right corner of the GoFormz web interface.

The Account icon will show your Initials by default. Alternatively, if you have a Gravatar account associated with your sign-up email address, it will show the image assigned to that Gravatar account.

The account management dropdown menu will appear:

This dropdown contains the following options:

Signed In As Name [Profile Page]:

The name of the user that is currently signed into GoFormz on the Web App will show at the top of your Account Management menu.

When selected, the user will be taken to the Profile page where they can:

  1. Details:

    1. View account details such as Email Address (username), First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number. (Note: these elements are uneditable from the profile page and can only be updated on the Edit User page by an Admin.)

    2. A selectable landing page. This allows you to choose to begin on either the Homepage or the Forms tab after logging in.

    3. Set a new Password using the Set Password button (Note: the user must know their current password in order to set a new password through this page).

    4. Profile picture shows your current picture and has a link to Gravatar where you can add or update you profile picture. Make sure to use the same email address for both GoFormz and Gravatar or the profile picture will not sync.

  2. Notifications:

    1. Configure both In App (Web only) and email notifications for a variety of features such as Workflow Failure Notifications.

  3. My Signed Forms:

    1. Coming soon!

Users & Groups:

This section is used for user, group, and permissions management. This includes creating/deleting users, creating user groups, and assigning appropriate permission levels to each group.

Subscription & Billing:

This section shows your current GoFormz account subscription level and any upgrade options. This is also where the billing workflow is set up. See Billing FAQs for more.

My Profile:

This take you to the Profile page offering the same functionality listed above under Signed In As Name [Profile Page]

Account Details:

This area lets you change various account-level settings. At this time, three groups of settings are available:

  1. Settings:

    1. Account: Company Name is used for outbound emails from GoFormz such as sending a Public Form. Account Billing Email allows you to use a specific email for all billing communication that can be different or the same as your account login email.

    2. Export Settings: Used for reports and other exports.

    3. Custom Email: Setting up a custom SMTP server for all outgoing emails to give you greater control & transparency.

  2. Users & Groups

  3. Subscription & Billing

  4. Usage Metrics

    1. Account usage metrics represent the data from all users within your account. You can apply custom date ranges to each chart to refine the view. Additionally, a total count reflecting the selected time period is listed under the title of each chart. The following are available depending on your subscription level.

      1. Forms Created / Completed

      2. Public Form Submissions

      3. API Hourly Usage

      4. API Daily Usage

      5. Workflow Steps

  5. API Access

    1. GoFormz offers a RESTful web API that supports management of Templates, Forms, DataSources and more. To learn more, click here to access the API Developer Hub.

  6. Auto Email

    1. As an administrator, you can set up email notifications to be sent out when a form is completed. You can send the notification to the user who completed the form, to other users in the account, or even to email addresses outside of the GoFormz account.


Select this to log out of your GoFormz account.

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