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Create a new user profile
Create a new user profile

Provide a member of your organization with access to your GoFormz account by creating a user profile.

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If you want to provide somebody with access to your GoFormz account, you’ll need to invite them to create a user profile. You must be an account admin to create a new user profile.

When you create a user profile you’ll assign your user to a Group.

In GoFormz, a user’s permissions are determined by the Group to which you assign them. Permissions provide a user specific capabilities within your GoFormz account. Assign users to the appropriate Group so they can complete the necessary tasks within GoFormz.

In the GoFormz web app, open the User Profile menu in the upper right-hand corner and click Users and Groups.

  1. Click Add User.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the “Add User” button on the “Users and Groups” page in the GoFormz web app.

    You’ll navigate to the Add a User page.

  2. Enter the user details.

    Screenshot displaying the user details available when adding a user to a GoFormz account in the GoFormz web app.

    These details include email address, first and last name, phone number, and Group.

  3. Click Invite.

The person you invite will receive an email. They’ll need to follow the instructions in that email in order to complete their profile creation.

User activation statuses display on the Users and Groups page in the GoFormz web app. Each user profile occupies a single license in your GoFormz account - including pending users and Independent Users.

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