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Users and Groups Overview
Users and Groups Overview

Manage Users, Groups, and corresponding permissions in Users and Groups.

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Manage users, groups, and permissions in Users and Groups. Access this page when you click your user avatar in the upper right-hand corner and select Users and Groups.

Screenshot image displaying the user avatar menu in the GoFormz web app.

When you know how to navigate this page, you will be better prepared to complete the available tasks.

Navigating Users and Groups

When you arrive on the Users and Groups page in the GoFormz web app, you will see a table displaying your existing top-level groups on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page a table lists all users associated with your GoFormz account.

Screenshot image of the Users & Groups page in the GoFormz web app.


Users are individuals with access to a GoFormz account. Any person you need to provide regular access to your forms should have a GoFormz account.

User permissions are determined by group permission settings.


Users may be organized into permission-based categorizations called Groups. Groups are a useful way to organize users that perform a similar function in your organization, share a geographical location, or have similar form Workflow needs.

Click a group name to view and manage the group details. Your top-level groups may contain subgroups. You can define an unlimited number of groups and up to six subgroups per group.

When you click a group name, you will see that group's permission settings and any corresponding subgroups.

Navigating Users and Groups with confidence will help you complete any necessary tasks.

Completing Tasks in Users and Groups

Click the appropriate link below to learn how to complete the corresponding task in Users and Groups.

  • Add a new user to your GoFormz account.

  • Add a new group to your account. These instructions also address how to add subgroups.

  • Export a .CSV list of your users when you click the Export Users button on the Users and Groups page. Access this report in the Notification Center.

  • Search for an existing user or group.

  • View and manage group settings like permissions and folder access.

  • View and manage user settings including user details and assigned user groups.

  • Disable a user account using the Enabled toggle.
    ​Note: If you deactivate a user account, you cannot reactivate the account yourself. You must contact GoFormz Support for user account reactivation.

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