Workflow folders

Create and manage Workflow folders to effectively maintain your organization’s Workflows.

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Workflow folders provide organization for your Workflows so you can assure they’re always where you need them to be.

In the GoFormz web app, click the Workflows tab to view your Workflow folders. When you arrive in the Workflows tab the left panel displays your account’s existing Workflow folders.

Screenshot displaying the Workflows landing page with the Main section selected in the GoFormz web app.

Any Workflows not assigned to a folder are stored in the Main section.

Below your Main section, you’ll see any folders you create. When you select a folder an Actions ellipses menu appears. Click the Actions menu to access options to Edit or Delete your selected folder or Add a Subfolder to a parent folder.

Create the folders you need to best organize and manage your Workflows.

Create and edit Workflow Folders

Click Create New Folder to create a parent folder.

Open a parent folder’s Action menu and select Create a Subfolder to create a new nested folder within a parent folder. Subfolders enable you to organize based on classifications like region, worksite, department, or individual.

Note: Workflow folders do not have any associated permissions.

When you create a folder or subfolder, you’ll automatically navigate to your newly created folder.

Screenshot displaying a highlighted subfolder in the GoFormz web app.

Best practice in managing your Workflow Folders is to establish a simple naming convention for your folders and subfolders. Access the Actions menu and click Edit to rename your folders and subfolder. Folder names have a 50 character limit.

Screenshot displaying the Workflow folder action menu in the GoFormz web app.

The Actions menu also contains a Delete option. If you delete a folder, all subfolders are automatically deleted and the contained Workflows will move to the Main section. If you delete a subfolder, then all contained Workflows move to their parent folder.

Manage where your Workflows live using individual or bulk actions.

Manage your Workflow folders

Any Workflows not assigned to a folder are stored in the Main section. If you need to locate a specific Workflow within your Folders use the Search function. When you search for a Workflow, your results also display the source of where your searched Workflow lives.

Drag-and-drop Workflows to the folder or subfolder where you want them. Or, you can use the boxes next to your Workflows to select the Workflows you want to manage and open the Bulk Action menu. Your options here include Move to Folder and Delete.

Note: While this functionality is described for bulk actions, you can manage your individual Workflows in the same ways.

Screenshot displaying the Bulk Action menu opened in the Workflows tab of the GoFormz web app.

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