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Set up and manage Workflow recipes
Set up and manage Workflow recipes

Automate data processing when you create and modify Workflow recipes.

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A Workflow recipe is a series of steps that determine the results of a Workflow. These steps include a trigger and one or more actions.

When a Workflow trigger activates it initiates the corresponding Workflow. GoFormz then processes the Form data in real-time. Each time a Workflow runs, it is called a Workflow job.

Enhance your Workflows with Workflow variables and calculations.

Define your steps when you set up your Workflow in the Workflows tab of the GoFormz web app.

Set up a Workflow using a recipe

Set up Workflows using an existing Workflow recipe, or as a Custom Workflow.

Locate existing Workflow recipes in the GoFormz Workflow Recipes Library. Available recipes include:

Access the links above to learn how to set up your recipe for the corresponding third-party app. The linked instruction sets guide you through the necessary steps to set up your Workflow.

The most common steps necessary to set up a Workflow using a recipe from the Workflow Recipes Library include selecting a recipe, establishing your trigger and actions, and activating your Workflow.

Select a Workflow recipe

In the Workflows tab of the GoFormz web app, click Create to access the Workflow Recipes Library.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Workflows tab and Create button in the GoFormz web app.

The Workflow Recipes Library showcases the available Workflow recipes. Click a recipe to open the corresponding recipe in the Workflow Builder.

Screenshot displaying the Workflow Recipes Library in the GoFormz web app.

Workflows have unique steps, but every Workflow requires that you first establish your Workflow trigger to initiate your Workflow job.

Establish your trigger

The first step in a Workflow recipe is always establishing a trigger. A trigger is a circumstance which initiates a Workflow.

Your Workflow trigger can be an internal or external activity. A user completing a Form is an example of an internal activity. A user creating a new object in Salesforce is an example of an external activity.

Screenshot displaying the Workflow recipe builder in the GoFormz web app.

When you use a recipe from the Workflow Recipes Library, the Workflow Builder guides you through set up.

The screenshot above shows a recipe with three steps: a Form Completed trigger, and Export Form to PDF and Upload File actions. This Form Completed trigger includes Completed By, Template, and Form completion status options.

Completed By provides a drop-down menu used to established a user-based trigger. The options available are Anyone, Specific User, and Group.

Template indicates the Template to which you want this trigger to apply.

The Only run after initial form completion checkbox indicates whether you want this Workflow to trigger only after the first time a Form is completed.

Your Workflow initiates based on your selected options. Next, your Workflow moves through your established actions.

Establish your actions

A Workflow is made up of a series of steps called actions. Each action accounts for one task within the collection of tasks which make up a Workflow.

Screenshot displaying the Workflow Builder in the GoFormz web app.

Every action has a Step ID and a set of configuration details. Examples of step ID's include trigger, UploadFile, and UpdateForm. An actions Step ID can be referenced in following steps.

The screenshot above displays the Upload File action. This example demonstrates the use of variables in a Workflow step.

Here File(s) references a previous Export Form to PDF (or ExportPDF) step. This is done by referencing the pdfUrl variable from the ExportPDF step.

Folder Path references the Form Completed trigger. By referencing the formName and customerName from the Form Completed trigger, the files will use the referenced data fields from the Forms when uploading the file.

When all necessary details are provided for your trigger and actions, remember to activate your Workflow.

Activate your Workflow

With your recipe selected, and trigger and actions set up you are ready to activate your Workflow. In the Workflow Builder an Activation slider and Save button are located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Activation Slider and Save button in the Workflow Builder within the GoFormz web app.

The Activation slider indicates whether your Workflow is active or inactive. By default, a new Workflow is inactive. Toggle the slider to activate your Workflow.

Remember: you must activate your Workflow to complete your set up.

Click Save to finalize your Workflow set up.

Edit your Workflow recipe

Navigate to the Workflows tab to edit your saved Workflows.

Locate your Workflow in the Workflows list. Access the Actions […] drop-down menu and click Edit.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Edit option in the Actions menu for the Workflows list in the GoFormz web app.

You will navigate to the Workflow Builder where you can complete the necessary edits.

Click Save to finalize your completed edits.

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