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Workflow Triggers Overview
Workflow Triggers Overview

Set circumstances that initiate a Workflow using Workflow Triggers.

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A Workflow Trigger is a circumstance which initializes a Workflow. Workflows are made up of a trigger and related actions. Actions are every step in a Workflow that follows the trigger. The set circumstance (or trigger) can run at a certain time, or as the result of an activity completed by a user.

Your Workflow trigger can be an internal or external activity. A user completing a Form is an example of an internal activity. The creation of a new object in Salesforce is an example of an external activity.

When a Workflow Trigger initializes, the linked Workflow begins. GoFormz then processes the Form data in real time. Each time a Workflow runs, it is called a Workflow job.

Manage Workflow Triggers in the Workflows tab in the GoFormz Web App.

In this article you will learn about the following Workflow Triggers:

Form Completed

The Form Completed trigger initializes when the specified Form User completes a Form linked to the selected Template. If you do not select a Template, then this trigger initializes when a Form User completes any of your Forms. You can also set the criteria that the Workflow will only trigger after the initial Form completion.

With this trigger you can leverage your data as soon as a Form User completes a Form.

GoFormz users often set their Workflow to create a new Form using data from their completed Form. This new Form can then be sent to a Form User for completion.

Some other actions you might use this trigger for include:

  • Uploading completed Forms to a third-party app (like Box or Google Workspace).

  • Organizing Forms with automatic tagging.

  • Emailing customers or coworkers.

  • Updating objects in Salesforce using Form field values.


Plan time-based actions when you include the Schedule trigger in your Workflow.

Screenshot display of the Schedule trigger in the Workflows tab of the GoFormz web app.

With this trigger, you can set reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly. When you run your report regularly, you can more readily track changes.

Public Form Submitted

The Public Form Submitted trigger starts the linked Workflow whenever a Form User submits a Public Form.

Use this trigger to automatically process data from common public forms. This can be useful with Forms like surveys and applications.

Manual Trigger

Manual triggers allow Form Users to manually initializes a Workflow trigger.

Note: Use of Manual triggers requires training by GoFormz Pro Services.

Form Deleted

The Form Deleted trigger initializes when a user deletes a Form. When linked with a specific Template, this trigger initializes whenever a Form based on that Template is deleted. When not linked with a specific template the Workflow initializes when any Form is deleted.

Screenshot display of the Form Deleted trigger in the Workflows tab of the GoFormz web app.

Use the Form Deleted trigger to maintain external data destinations like Excel, SQL Server, and Snowflake. With this trigger, your data destination will automatically sync with your GoFormz data.

Receives a Transferred Form

The Receives a Transferred Form trigger initiates your Workflow when a Form is transferred. Configure this trigger based on specific Templates or users.

Screenshot displaying the Transferred Form Notification trigger in the Workflow Recipe Builder within the GoFormz web app.

Use this trigger to send a notification whenever you receive a transferred Form.

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