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Workflow Tab: Managing workflows
Workflow Tab: Managing workflows

Learn to find and edit existing workflows, create new workflows, and view workflow jobs, in the Workflow Tab.

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The Workflow Tab lists all the workflows in your account. From here, you can find and edit any existing workflow, create new workflows, and view workflow jobs.

The workflow list that takes up most of this screen shows the name, last update timestamp, and active status of each workflow in your account.

  • To create a new workflow, click the Create button in the upper right.

  • To view jobs across all workflows, click the View Jobs link in the upper right.

  • To view workflow details, click the workflow name, then click on the workflow step names that show up to view the details for each step.

  • To sort the workflows list, click the icon next to the column you wish to sort by. You can sort workflows by name, last update timestamp, and active status.

  • To search workflow list by keyword, use the Search workflows search bar in the upper right. Just type any part of the desired workflow's name and press [Enter].

  • To activate/deactivate a workflow, click the Active slider next to the workflow in question. Deactivating a workflow will stop its execution without deleting it, allowing you to reactivate later.

Additionally, the following actions are available from the [...] Actions dropdown of each workflow:

  • View Jobs: View all jobs associated with this workflow.

  • Edit: Make changes to this workflow. Note that this option will not appear for all workflows or for all users. Custom workflows created for you by the GoFormz Professional Services team are not editable. For workflows created by your team from a recipe, your permission levels will determine if you have edit access. 

  • Clone: Make a copy of an existing workflow by using the Clone option. This action will copy the trigger and all steps, keys and values of the copied workflow.

  • Delete: Delete this workflow. A confirmation dialog will pop up when you choose this option. Workflow deletion is final — deleted workflows cannot be restored.

If you have many workflows in your account, they may not all fit on one page. The pagination controls at the bottom of the Workflow Tab allow you to navigate through all your workflows.

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