You can create a copy of your form using either the mobile app, or the Web Form Editor in the web interface.

In the mobile app: Expand the [...] menu next to your form in the Forms List and tap the Copy or Duplicate button. A copy of the form will immediately appear in your Drafts, with the same name as the original form followed by the word "COPY". You will typically want to rename the copy. For more details on how to copy a form on your specific mobile platform, refer to our Mobile App User Guide.
In the Web Form Editor: Select the Duplicate option from the Form dropdown menu at the top or in the Actions menu on the Forms Tab. In the dialog box that pops up, enter the new form name and click Save Changes. This will save a copy of your form under a different name, leaving the original form as is.

Note: the Duplicate option will only show in this menu if the form has no unsaved changes.

As confirmation, you will see this message pop up when the form is copied:

Copying a form can be useful when you are starting a form that shares a lot of data with a form that you've already filled out. In such a situation, copying the existing form and changing the few fields that are different can save time over filling out a blank form from scratch.

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