This article goes over some of the core functionality of the GoFormz Mobile App. The GoFormz Mobile App supports Android, iOS and Windows platforms; to view the Mobile App documentation for your platform, use the links below

While each platform has a different interface, the core functionality remains the same across all three. The GoFormz Mobile App lets you fill out and manage your forms on a mobile device. This includes the following:

  • Create new forms from a template

  • Fill out forms

  • View your forms collection and easily find any form within it

  • Manage existing forms, including editing, deleting, tagging, etc.

  • Transfer forms to other users and receive dispatched forms

  • Download and share form PDFs

  • Work online or offline

Things that you cannot do with the app include creating/editing templates, creating/viewing reports, or managing your account. The app’s primary purpose is to make filling out forms on a mobile device easy and convenient.

A typical high-­level workflow might be:

  • Your GoFormz admin creates a template using the web interface. This makes the template visible to users in your account, including yourself.

  • You and others in your organization use the mobile app to fill out forms using the new template as necessary.

  • Your admin aggregates the form data submitted by everyone to compile reports and generate business insights.

Notice that the mobile app is only concerned with the second bullet point of this use case. You will have to log into the GoFormz web interface to perform the other actions.

The GoFormz Mobile App can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

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