You can change your form’s name in both the mobile app and the form editor in the web interface.

  • In the mobile app: Expand the [...] Actions menu on either the Forms List or the Form Viewer/Editor. On some mobile platforms, you will see a Rename option here, letting you change the form name via a dialog box. On other platforms, you will need to select the Details & History option to view the Form Details screen, and rename the form from there. For more information on how to rename a form on your specific mobile platform, refer to our Mobile App User Guide.

  • In the Forms Tab: Expand the [...] Actions dropdown next to the form you want to rename and select the Rename option. In the dialog box that appears, enter the new form name, and click Ok.

  • In the Web Form Editor: Click the pencil icon next to the form’s name in the header. A cursor will appear next to the form name. Type in the new form name, and hit [Enter] to save it.

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