GoFormz Template Events provide an easy way to transfer a form to another user automatically based on triggers like form completion.

Example Use Case

Some forms have to be processed by several different teams or individuals before they are complete. For instance, for a work order form:

  • A dispatcher may start filling out the form by entering the customer’s information and request;

  • A field technician may continue by entering the work they performed; and

  • A supervisor may finish the process by approving and signing the form.

Instead of having each user remember who needs to get the form next, it’s much easier to set up an automatic transfer Template Event. This is especially useful for organizations with many different forms, each of which has complex approval flows.


To set up auto-transfer for a form template, follow the steps below. See here for more on Template Events in general.

  1. Navigate to the Templates Tab and click the form template for which you want to set up auto-transfer rules. The Template Editor will launch.

2. Click the Manage Events link at the top of the editor to open the Template Events screen.

3. Click the Add Trigger button on the left to create a new Template Event, or select an existing event to edit it. The event's settings will appear on the right side of the screen.

4. In the When this Happens section, configure the event trigger by selecting a User and a Trigger from the dropdowns. In this example, the event will trigger whenever a user in the Contractors group completes a form. Use the Do not run again after form has been reopened checkbox if you only want the transfer to occur the first time that the form is completed. See here for more on configuring triggers, including further detail about these settings.

5. Select Transfer from the dropdown under Do the following. The form transfer configuration fields will appear underneath.

6. In the Transfer To dropdown, select the user or group that should receive the form transfer. In this example, the form is transferred to Bob Smith for approval. Note that when a completed form is transferred, it becomes a draft form assigned to the new user. See here for more on form statuses. Use the Only run event one time checkbox if you want this event to run a maximum of one time per form (i.e. if the trigger criteria are met for a second time on the same form, the event will not run again).

7. Click the Save Changes button at the top of the Template Events screen to complete the form transfer automation process.

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