The DataSources List is the screen where you can manage your DataSources; common management tasks include creating, editing, renaming and deleting DataSources. See here for more about DataSources in GoFormz. To access the DataSources List, expand the More dropdown in the app header and select Manage DataSources

The DataSources List screen shows a list of all your DataSources, along with the settings and available actions for each one.

  • To create a new DataSource, click the Create button in the top right. See here for more detailed instructions on DataSource creation.
  • To view or edit an existing DataSource, simply click its name in the list, or select Edit from its  [. . .] Actions dropdown. See here for more on editing a DataSource.
  • To rename a DataSource, select Rename from its  [. . .] Actions dropdown, then type in the new name in the dialog box that appears and click Save.
  • To delete a DataSource, select Delete from its [. . .] Actions dropdown.

  • To delete multiple DataSources, check the boxes to the left of the DataSources you want to delete and click the Delete Selected button at the top.
  • To open a DataSource for Public Share, toggle on its Public switch. This will allow non-GoFormz users with a Public Share link to use Database fields when filling out GoFormz forms.
  • To make the DataSource accessible when your mobile app is offline, turn on its Use Offline switch. Database fields connected to your DataSource will now work properly even when you fill out a form while your mobile device is offline. Note that if you have many DataSources with this option turned on, logging into the mobile app may take a little bit longer, as the app downloads DataSource updates.
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