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In the Template Editor, access the Page Editor. Here, you'll manage your PDF background's pages and elements in the web app.

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Manage pages and map elements to your PDF background in the GoFormz web app using the Page Editor. In the Template Editor, click the Page Editor button to navigate to the Page Editor.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Page Editor option in the left panel of the Template Editor in the GoFormz web app.

After you click Page Editor, the button changes to read Field Editor. Click the Field Editor button at any point to view and manage your Template's data fields. Switch between the Field Editor and Page Editor as necessary.

Within the Page Editor you'll manage your PDF background pages, and the elements that display on your background.

Manage your background pages with the Pages panel

When you upload your document to GoFormz you'll manage your pages using the Page Editor’s right-hand Pages panel. The Pages panel displays any pages included in the PDF background you’re editing.

Click the New Page option at the top of the panel displayed as a page with a 'plus' symbol (+) to add a new page - this will launch the Add Pages modal. Choose whether to upload an existing JPG or PDF, or insert a blank page.

Your pages will display in the Pages panel. To rearrange your pages, select the pages you want to move and drag-and-drop them to your preferred order.

To modify a single page, click the Actions menu next to the individual selected page. If you'd like to Replace, Delete, or Download pages as a PDF for multiple pages, you'll first click the appropriate checkboxes to select the desired pages.

Screenshot displaying the location of the page Actions menu in the Page Editor of the GoFormz web app.

To change multiple pages, after you've selected the pages you want to change, select your action from the Bulk Actions menu.

Use Replace when you need to change a page within your PDF background without impacting the page's mapped data fields.

Download as PDF downloads your Template’s PDF background with or without any mapped page elements added in GoFormz. Your PDF background doesn’t include your mapped data fields - you can only manage your Template data fields in GoFormz.

🗒️ Note: GoFormz does not offer a fillable PDF. If you need to collect information from a person in your organization, create a user profile for them.

To collect information from somebody outside of your organization, create a Public Form.

Map elements from the Page Elements panel

In the Page Elements panel on the left-hand side of the screen you'll find Image, Text, Rectangle, and Line elements. Drag an element onto your Template to map it to your PDF.

Screenshot displaying the Page Elements menu in the Template Editor of the GoFormz web app.

With an element mapped to your PDF, you can modify its properties using the Properties panel on the right-hand side of the page.

Manage your element’s properties in the Properties panel

The Properties panel is where you manage your selected element’s details like size, page location, locked status, and position relative to other page elements. You can also delete an element if you click the trashcan icon in the Properties panel.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Properties panel in the Template Editor within the GoFormz web app.

Each element's properties have different details. But, your elements also include overlapping properties like Lock, Description, Left and Top, Width and Height, Move Layer, and Rotation.

When you Lock an element you'll be unable to modify the element's properties - including its position on the page - until you Unlock that element.

Add a Description to your element to help you keep track of similar elements on your PDF background.

Nudge your element to the Left or towards the Top of the page pixel-by-pixel.

Adjust the pixel Width and Height of your image, text, or rectangle. Click the sync icon to adjust your width and height at the same time while maintaining their shape.

Your 4 Move Layer buttons control your selected element’s position relative to the other page elements on your PDF background.

When managing your elements with the Move Layer buttons think of your elements as being stacked on top of one another in the order you add them.

Screenshot displaying the Move Layer options within the Page Editor of the GoFormz web app.

From left to right, your available layer buttons and their functions are:

  • Send Forward moves your element above your next most recent element.

  • Send to Front sends your element to the front of all added elements.

  • Send Backward moves your element below your next most recent element.

  • Send to Back sends your element to the back of all added elements.

Enter a degree of Rotation to rotate your selected element up to 360 degrees.


Include Rectangle elements to create a space on your PDF background which can guide your data field mapping. Common uses for rectangles include text and checkboxes, barcode locations, and image field placeholders.

Rectangle properties include Background Color, Border Color and Weight, and Corner Radius.

Background Color indicates the color with which your rectangle is filled.

The Border Color and Border Weight are the size of your rectangle’s outline.

Your Corner Radius controls how rounded the corners of your rectangle are. If you round your rectangle's corners enough, it'll become a circle.


Line elements provide a way to segment your documents, insert a space for a signature, or act as a component for building larger elements.

Modify the Color of your line in the Properties panel. In the Properties panel you'll also manage the Stroke Weight, which controls your line thickness.


Use Image elements to upload your own image to your PDF background. Images up to 5 MB are accepted. You can use JPG, PNG, and SVG file types. Image elements provide the ability to manage your company logo on your PDF background.


Add Text elements to enter text onto your PDF. The text you enter here will display for your Form Users, but they'll be unable to interact with it. You’ll manage text properties like font details and alignment in the Properties panel.

Screenshot displaying the Move Layer options within the Page Editor of the GoFormz web app.

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