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Form View vs List View
Form View vs List View

Learn the different between your mobile form's Form View and its small screen optimized List View, here.

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The Form View and List View are two different approaches to Form layout:

  • The Form View lays out your form fields just like a paper form would. In fact, it is based on paper forms — in order to create a Form View, you must upload your paper form into GoFormz, and then overlay your digital fields on top of that paper form background. When building the Form View, you have a lot of flexibility in configuring the layout and each field’s appearance.

  • The List View lays out your form like as a sequential list of standardized fields grouped into sections and tabs. This view is optimized for smaller screens, and has limited flexibility in field layout and appearance.

The two views are independent of each other. You can create a form that works in both views, giving the user an option to fill it out using either layout — or you can create a form that works in only one of the two views.

Both Views are supported on the Mobile Form Editors (iOS, Android, Windows) and Web App Form Editor — you can switch between the two views at your convenience, provided that your form has both views properly built out. Both views will work across all mobile devices and web browsers, but users often prefer the Form View on a tablet or desktop screen where there is more room to view a digitized paper form, while List View is convenient on a smartphone where screen sizes tend to be smaller and a list may be easier to navigate.

The images below show the same customer information section in the two views. Note how different they look.

Form View

List View

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