The Report Viewer is where you can browse and export your report. To open a report in the Viewer, navigate to the Report Tab, and click the name of the report you want to open, or click the View Report button in the top right corner of the Report Designer

The Viewer shows your report in tabular format. Each row represents a form, while each column corresponds to a form field or piece of metadata (see here for more on report structure). You can scroll vertically to view more rows, or horizontally to view more columns, and there are pagination controls at the bottom.

You can perform the following actions from the Report Viewer:

  • Edit this report: Click the Edit Report button in the top right. This will open your report in the Report Designer, allowing you to edit it.

  • Export this report: Click the Export button in the top right. Your export will immediately begin in the Notification Center. Once complete, you can download your report data as a standard comma-separated values (CSV) file directly to your computer. This file can then be opened with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet and data analysis software, where you can further manipulate and analyze the data.

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