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Form Versioning

Learn what Form Versioning is and how versions of your forms are saved in your account.

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Form Versioning helps you create a comprehensive audit trail for each form by automatically saving a version of your form when a significant event or change occurs.

A new version for a Form is created and saved each time a form is:

  • Created

  • Reopened

  • Modified

  • Ownership was taken of the form

  • Transferred

  • Completed

Form versions and the full or history can be found in the GoFormz Web App on the Forms tab by opening the actions menu and selecting History. The Form History can also be viewed from the Web Form Editor in the Form actions menu.

In the Form History, you will see each version that has been saved starting with when the form was first created. For each version, the history modal will show:

  • The user who owns the form at each event

  • Date/time when the version was created

  • The environment used to create the version (Web App, Mobile App, System [action by a workflow or API event])

  • Link to a read-only view of that version in the Web Form Editor

When the same event or action is sequentially enacted by the same user, the versions will be collected into a collapsible list as seen below.

Any user who has access to a form can view the form history from the web app and the current version of a form will always be the latest version. This means that your form will stay up to date while maintaining those past versions as a reference of where the Form was at that time.

Form Versioning FAQs

Can I revert my form to a previous version?

At this time, you cannot revert your current form to a previous version. You can view a previous version by clicking on the Version # in Form History. This will open that version of the form in a read-only view.

Can I download a PDF of a past version of my form?

Yes, simply open that version of your form in the read-only view of the web Form Editor and open the Form actions menu in the top right corner. Then select Open PDF to download a PDF of this version.

Can a user who does not have access to the form still see past versions?

No, a user must have current access to the form through permission settings in order to see the past versions of a form.

If my users are offline, will their changes still create a form version?

Offline changes to a form will create a new version of the form once the form is synced upon coming back online. Actions that take place while offline will not automatically create a version until the user comes back online and syncs their device.

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