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Microsoft SharePoint integration overview
Microsoft SharePoint integration overview

The GoFormz-SharePoint connection automates the process of uploading your completed form PDFs to your Sharepoint account.

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Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.

With the GoFormz-SharePoint connection, you can automate the uploading of completed Form PDFs to the appropriate folders in your SharePoint account. Additionally, you can use this connection to Upsert Rows into an Excel Table.

🗒️ Note: The GoFormz-SharePoint connection uses Microsoft Graph API. Managed metadata - like taxonomy fields - are not supported by Graph API.

Before you set up a SharePoint Workflow, you’ll need to contact your Account Manager to request that SharePoint be enabled on your account.

You’ll then need to add a GoFormz-SharePoint connection. Adding this connection requires admin access through both SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

🗒️ Note: SharePoint admin access through Office requires that an Office Global Admin assign SharePoint admin access in the Office portal. You may need to wait 5-10 minutes before you have full access once it’s granted by a Global Admin.

If you have a SharePoint connection added before your permissions were applied, you’ll need to reconnect the connection in GoFormz again once you have the proper permissions.

With proper access in both SharePoint and Microsoft office, you'll have two options for adding your connection: while setting up your recipe in the Workflow Editor, or via the Connected Apps page.

If you choose to add your connection while setting up your Custom Workflow recipe. When configuring your SharePoint action details, you'll click Connection and select + Add Connection.

Screenshot displaying the location of “+ Add Connection” in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

After you add your connection, you’ll set up a SharePoint Workflow. Available SharePoint Workflows include Upload to SharePoint, and Upsert Rows to Excel.

Upload to SharePoint

Store completed Forms on your SharePoint account to maintain access to PDF versions of your Forms wherever you have access to SharePoint. With this Workflow recipe, you can trigger delivery based on your required criteria.

Upsert Rows to Excel

Set up this Workflow to automatically update a row or add a new row to your Excel spreadsheet based on your completed Form. You’ll find the process of updating or adding rows based on their condition referred to as upserting.

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