Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.

With the GoFormz-SharePoint connection, you can automate the uploading of completed Form PDFs to the appropriate folders in your SharePoint account. Additionally, you can use this connection to Upsert Rows into an Excel Table.

Configuring your SharePoint connection Workflow requires two steps:

  • Creating a SharePoint connection: When you set up a SharePoint connection, you provide GoFormz with access to your SharePoint account.

  • Setup a SharePoint upload Workflow: Contact your Account Manager or GoFormz ProServices to setup a SharePoint Workflow.

Creating a new SharePoint connection

  1. Access the More drop-down menu and click Connected Apps.

    Screenshot displaying the "More" menu on the App Connections page of the GoFormz web app.

    You will navigate to App Connections.

  2. Select SharePoint.
    Click Add Connection.

    Screenshot displaying SharePoint connection details in the GoFormz web app.

    The SharePoint log-in window will appear.

  3. Log in to your SharePoint account.

    Note: You must re-authenticate this connection each time you change your SharePoint password.

    Screenshot displaying the the More menu on the App Connections page of the GoFormz web app.

  4. Your new connection will appear in your Connections list with a generic name (ex. "SharePoint Connection 3").

    Note: GoFormz recommends renaming your connection to aid in connection management. Best practice is to include your SharePoint username as part of the connection name.

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