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Automatically Deactivated Workflows
Automatically Deactivated Workflows

Learn details around when Workflows are automatically deactivated.

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Automatic Workflow deactivation occurs when a Workflow fails for a total of 14 days without at least 1 successful run.

All Admin users will automatically receive an email warning after 10 days of failed Workflows. If the Workflow reaches 14 total days of failure, then the admin will receive an email confirming the Workflow is deactivated.

Note: Admin users can modify their Workflow failure notifications in Notification Settings.

Review your Workflow setup and Workflow job log to avoid deactivation or reactivate a failed Workflow.

If a Workflow does not run daily, then the failed days will accumulate only on the days when your Workflow attempts to run. When a Workflow runs successfully, the accumulation of failed days returns to 0.

Workflows failure tracking will also set back to 0 days if the Workflow is saved, or is deactivated and reactivated.

Any workflows that have failed, will need to be manually rerun. Reactivating the Workflow does not rerun failed jobs.

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