Box: Add Template Metadata

Mapping Form fields to a file in your Box account by using metadata templates.

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Metadata templates are a grouping of metadata attributes that help classify content. Metadata templates allow you to enforce uniformity, reduce errors and accelerate data entry, and enable advanced searches.

The following fields must be specified for this step:

  • Connection: From the dropdown, select the Box app connection that should be used for this action. See here for more about app connections and how to create them.

  • File ID: Output using Workflow Variables from the proceeding step of Upload File.

  • Template Name: Name of your Metadata Template in your Box account.

  • Template Attributes

    • Attribute Name: Metadata attribute name used in your Box account

    • Attribute Value: How the Metadata attribute should be populated. You can hard code this field or use workflow variables to reference form fields.

Get started by creating a Box connection, utilizing our Box Upload File recipe, or building out a custom workflow.

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