OneDrive integration overview

Streamline your data collection and routing with the GoFormz-OneDrive connection.

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OneDrive provides enterprise storage and collaboration for all of your documents - including any completed Forms. Automate the uploading of your completed Form PDFs to the appropriate folders in your OneDrive account with the GoFormz-OneDrive integration.

Your integration can have multiple connections. You have two options for adding a connection: while setting up your Workflow recipe, or via the Connected Apps page.

If you want to add your connection while setting up your Workflow recipe, you’ll select a recipe in the Workflow Recipes Library. When choosing your action configuration details, click the Connection drop-down menu and select “+ Add Connection”.

Screenshot displaying the location of the the “+ Add Connection” option in the Connection drop-down menu in the Workflow Recipe Builder in the GoFormz web app.

If you want to add a connection without setting up a Workflow recipe, you’ll need to follow these instructions to add a OneDrive connection.

Next, you'll set up your Workflow.

Available self-service GoFormz-OneDrive Workflows

OneDrive’s associated Workflow actions

OneDrive File Upload

Store completed Forms on your OneDrive account. This way, you'll have access to PDF versions of your Forms wherever you have access to OneDrive. With this Workflow recipe, you can trigger delivery based on your required criteria.

Set up recurring Template-based reporting through GoFormz. Reports that run at regular intervals will ensure that your information stays current as Forms are completed by your Form Users.

This Workflow enables you to automatically pull data from transmitted Forms into your connected OneDrive worksheet. This process is referred to as upserting.

Upload Submitted Public Form to OneDrive

With the Upload Submitted Public Form to OneDrive recipe, you can send your Public Form submissions to your integrated OneDrive account. This ensures prompt access to the submitted Public Forms via OneDrive for anybody who needs it.

Affix Form Data to OneDrive

With the Affix Form Data to OneDrive Workflow recipe, once a Form has been filled out, the data from your Form is delivered to a new, instantly created row in the associated worksheet.

Troubleshooting issues with your OneDrive connection

Microsoft provides a list of common error responses and codes which you should review if you run into issues with your connection.

Two common issues users run into with their OneDrive-connected Workflows include improper table formatting, referencing a table, and encountering row limitations.

OneDrive workbook column formatting

When you reference an Excel Workbook table in your Workflow, you’ll need to ensure that your Workbook columns are properly formatted.

🗒️ Note: If you’re creating an Excel table, then you’ll need to ensure that you appropriately reference your table.

Formatting an Excel table to run with your OneDrive Workflow requires that you build out column headers. You’ll then select those columns and a single row to create your table. Finally, check the “My Table has Headers” checkbox if you’ve included headers in your Excel table.

Ensure that you select columns and rows that contain values. If you include columns and rows with null values, your Workflow will fail.

Reference a OneDrive table

Some OneDrive actions require you to reference a Destination Table. Your Destination Table is different than your Sheet name. If you don't have a table within your selected OneDrive Workbook, you'll need to create a table.

With your table, you’ll open the Table Design menu in Excel. Here, you’ll find a text box with your table name on the menu’s left-hand side.

Screenshot displaying the location of the table name within the Table Design menu in Microsoft Excel.

This name is the Destination Table which you'll reference when setting up this Workflow.

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