Dropbox: Upload File Recipe

Follow these instructions to set up your Dropbox: Upload File Workflow recipe in the GoFormz web app.

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Upload PDF versions of your completed Forms to Dropbox automatically with the Dropbox Upload File Workflow recipe.

Access the Workflow section in the GoFormz web app and click Create to access the Workflow Recipes Library.

Screenshot displaying the location of the Workflow tab and Create button in the GoFormz web app.
  1. Select the Dropbox Workflow recipe.

    Screenshot displaying the Workflow Recipes Library in the GoFormz web app.

    You will navigate to the Workflow Editor.

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the "Dropbox File Upload" name.

    Screenshot displaying the Dropbox File Upload name in the Workflow builder in the GoFormz web app.

    Provide a Workflow name.

    Note: Include the name of the corresponding Template in your Workflow name.

  3. Setup your trigger by assigning your Completed By, Template, and Form completion options.

    1. Select the appropriate user-based trigger using the Completed By drop-down menu.

      Your Completed By selection indicates the user or users for whom you want this action to apply. Options include Anyone, Specific User, or Group.

    2. Select the appropriate Template from the Template menu.

    3. Check the box next to Only run after initial form completion if you want this Workflow to trigger only for the first time a Form is completed.

      Screenshot displaying the trigger options page of the GoFormz web app.

      Click Next.

  4. Assign your PDF settings by selecting the pages to be exported, and naming your PDF.

    a. Select the Form pages you want exported to PDF.

    Note: If you want to export all Form pages, leave this field blank.

    Screenshot displaying the GoFormz: Export Form to PDF action page in the GoFormz web app.

    b. Click Advanced.
    Here you'll assign your PDF a name in Filename.

    Note: If you choose not to name your PDF, your PDF will adopt the name of the corresponding completed Form.

    Click Next.

  5. Set up your Upload File action.
    This will include establishing your Connection and Upload Path.

    1. Select your Connection from the Connection drop-down menu.

    2. Provide your Destination Path using your preferred Workflow variable.

      Note: You'll also find a File URL(s) option. Do not modify this field as it is automatically generated during the previous step.

      Screenshot displaying the Dropbox: Upload File recipe page in the GoFormz web app.

  6. Click the Activation slider if you want your Workflow active immediately.
    The Workflow Activation status will display as Active or Inactive.


    Click Save.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the Activation slider and Save button in the recipe page of the GoFormz web app.
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