Use the "Upload a Scheduled Report to Box" Workflow recipe to automatically deliver your scheduled reports to your connected Box account.

Schedule periodic Template-based reports with GoFormz reports. Because your reports change as your Form User’s submit Forms, you’ll want to run regular reports to track any changes. Use this recipe to automatically upload those reports to Box.

Set up this Workflow recipe in the GoFormz web app’s Workflows tab. Here you’ll click Create to navigate to the Workflow Recipes Library where you’ll complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Schedule Report Upload to Box recipe.
    You’ll navigate to the Workflow Recipe Builder.

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the default Workflow name.
    Enter a Workflow name.

    Note: GoFormz recommends that you include the report name used in the Workflow in your Workflow name.

  3. Establish your Schedule trigger to determine when you want your reports to run.
    Your options include daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Screenshot displaying the Schedule trigger in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

    Click Next.

  4. Establish your Export Report View to CSV action.
    To do this, you’ll select the report you want exported as a CSV file for upload to Box.

    Optional: Here, you can also enter an Export Delimiter and decide if you want to Include Newline Characters.

    Click Next.

  5. Establish your Upload File action.
    This will include establishing your Connection and Box Destination Folder.

    Screenshot displaying the Box: Upload File action in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

    1. Select your Connection from the Connection drop-down menu.

    2. Enter your Box Destination Folder using your preferred Workflow variable.

      Note: You’ll also see a File(s) option. Do not modify this field as it is automatically generated during the previous step.

  6. Click the Activation slider if you want your Workflow active immediately.
    The Workflow Activation status will display as Active or Inactive.

    Screenshot displaying the location of the Activation slider in the Workflow Recipe Builder of the GoFormz web app.

  7. Click Save.

Want to verify that your Workflow is set up correctly?

If you want to verify that your Workflow is correctly set up, complete the Workflow trigger you set up in Step 3 above.

Next, navigate to the Workflows tab in the GoFormz web app and click View Jobs. This will bring you to the Workflow Jobs page.

Screenshot displaying the location of the View Jobs link on Workflows page in the GoFormz web app.

Here you’ll see if your Workflow succeeds. If your Workflow is successful, you’ll see data from your exported report in your connected Box account.

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