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Create a new Template-based Public Form
Create a new Template-based Public Form
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Create a Public Form to collect data from people outside of your GoFormz account. If you intend to have multiple people fill out your Public Form, create a Template-based Public Form.

A multi-use, Template-based Public Form is intended for uses like surveys, questionnaires, and job applications.

If you’re sending a Public Form to just one person, or want to pre-fill some of the information on the Public Form, consider a Form-based Public Form instead.

When you create a Template-based Public Form, you'll generate a Public Form link for distribution. Send your Public Form link via email, through a sharing app, or on your website.

During this process you’ll select the Template from which you want your Public Form created. If you make any changes to this Template in the future, you’ll need to edit your Public Form.

  1. Click Create.

  2. Click Choose a Template.

  3. Choose the Template from which you want your Public Form created.

    Screenshot displaying the Choose Template menu in the Public Forms tab of the GoFormz web app with an indication to choose a specific Template.

  4. Configure your Public Form details.

    This includes the Public Form Name, Fields To Be Completed, Form View Type, Share PDF After Submissions, and Expiration.

    Screenshot displaying the Public Form detail configuration options in the Public Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.

    1. Enter a Public Form Name to locate and manage your Public Form in the Public Forms tab. Your Public Form Name will default to the name of your selected Template.

    2. By default all Template fields are included in your Fields To Be Completed. If you want to prevent users from filling out a specific field, uncheck the corresponding box.

      Note: If your Template includes database fields, you’ll need to make the field’s corresponding DataSource publicly available.

    3. Choose between Form View and List View for your Form View Type.

    4. The Share PDF After Submissions switch determines whether or not your recipient will receive a PDF copy of their completed Form after submission.

    5. Set an Expiration date if you want to limit the time frame in which your Public Form can be submitted.

    Click Save Public Form.

  5. Choose whether to copy the link and deliver it to your intended recipients manually, or email the link directly.

    Screenshot displaying the Public Form configuration complete screen in the GoFormz web app.

  6. Click Close.

As your recipients fill out and submit Public Forms, you’ll find their submitted Public Forms in the Forms tab of the GoFormz web app.

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