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The Help Center documents the GoFormz web app and mobile apps. Here you will find articles about how to build new forms, fill out forms on your mobile device, create reports on form data, build workflows, integrate GoFormz with other apps, manage your GoFormz account, and much more. The articles in this Help Center should answer most of your GoFormz questions.

There are two main ways to find what you want here:

  1. Search: Use the search box at the top and type what you are looking for. You will see a list of support articles matching your search term.

  2. Browse by Topic: The Help Center is arranged into collections by topic. Select a topic on the Help Center homepage to see all support articles relating to that topic.

If you are unable to find an article that answers your question, simply click the chat icon in the lower right of your screen and begin a conversation with one of our support representatives. This button is available across all pages on our Help Center, our website, and our web app.

In addition to this Help Center, GoFormz has several additional online resources for some specialized advanced topics. Please refer to these as needed.

  • Calculations Guide: Learn how to add automatic calculations and conditional logic to your forms. This includes a reference of all the powerful Excel-style functions that you can leverage in GoFormz.

  • API Developer Hub: Learn to use the API to programmatically manage your account, retrieve form data, create and pre-fill forms, update DataSources, integrate with other systems, and much more.

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