What is a workflow recipe?
Recipe library
Creating a workflow from a recipe
Editing a recipe workflow

What is a workflow recipe?

To create a new workflow in GoFormz, you start with what we call a recipe, and then fill in the recipe details to fit your specific scenario. A recipe is just a series of steps, where the first step is the workflow trigger (what initiates the workflow), and the subsequent steps are actions (what GoFormz should do when the trigger occurs). Think of a recipe as a template for creating your workflow: it provides the series of steps that your workflow will follow, but you have to fill in the details of each step.

For instance, the Dropbox File Upload recipe consists of the following steps:

  1. Form Completed trigger

  2. Export Form To PDF action

  3. Dropbox Upload File action

The details for these steps — like the form template that should trigger the workflow and the Dropbox account and file path where the form PDF should be uploaded — are what you must fill in when creating the workflow.

Let's go over the recipes that GoFormz provides.

Recipe library

The following workflow recipes are available at this time. You can quickly and easily build a workflow with any of these recipes. If you want a custom workflow that isn't on this recipe list, please contact your GoFormz account manager.

Click the links for details on how to build a workflow using that particular recipe, including how to connect any relevant third-party apps and how to fill out the recipe steps.

Creating a workflow from a recipe

Step 1. Add a new workflow
Navigate to the Workflow Tab. Click the Create button in the upper right. The Add Workflow dialog will appear.

Step 2. Choose your recipe
Choose the desired recipe from the Workflow Recipe dropdown. The list of recipes that appears in this dropdown is determined by which app connections you have set up. In the example below, the Google Drive File Upload recipe appears in the dropdown because a Google Workspace app connection exists in this account.

Click Next after selecting your recipe to load the recipe steps.

Step 3. Set up your trigger
The first step in a recipe is always the trigger. The example below shows a typical recipe that consists of three steps — a trigger (Form Completed) and two actions (Export Form to PDF and Upload File).

The trigger options allow you to select who the form was completed by (Anyone, Specific User, or Group) as well as the Template the form is based on. If the Template input is left blank it will trigger based on Template. Additionally you can set if the Workflow should trigger only after the initial form completion.

Step 4. Set up your actions
Next, you must set up your workflow actions. A workflow may have a single action or several actions. Click on the action name on the left to view its properties on the right. Each action has an ID and a set of configuration properties for you to set up. Fill these in as appropriate. You may use an action step’s ID to reference it in subsequent action steps, and you may use workflow variables to reference dynamic for properties. You can also use the GoForm Calculation Engine to add custom calculations referencing form data to your properties. To learn more about our calculation engine here.

The example above shows the Google Drive: Upload File step. Note that the values entered for three of these config properties contain variables as well as references to previous steps:

  • The File URL(s) value contains a reference to the previous step (ExportPDF), and grabs the pdfUrl variable from that step.

  • The Upload Path value references the trigger, and grabs the formName and customerName from that trigger.

  • The Unique Identifier references the trigger and grabs the formId from that trigger.

See here for more about workflow variables and how to use them.

Step 5. Save and optionally activate your workflow.
By default, a new workflow is inactive. If you want to activate it, click the Inactive slider at the top to change it to Active. Finally, click Save in the top right corner to create your new workflow. The workflows list will reload, with your new workflow in it.

Editing a recipe workflow

To edit a workflow, navigate to the Workflow Tab, find your workflow in the list, and select Edit from its [...] Actions dropdown.

Once the workflow opens, just follow the workflow creation steps from the previous section, starting with Step 3 to make changes.

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