Perhaps the most important thing to understand in GoFormz is the distinction between a Form and a Template.
Think of a Template as a master version of your form. This is where you define what fields go into your form, name your fields, lay them out, set default values, etc. Think of a Form as an individual instance of that template that you actually fill out. Each form is based on a template.
In the world of paper forms, you will typically have a file stored on your computer that is your master copy. That’s what we call a Template. Whenever you need to fill out a form, you print out a copy of that master version, fill out that paper document, and store it for your records. That’s what we call a Form.
Example: Suppose you are a field technician who needs to fill out a Work Order for a job that you are doing. You would go into your GoFormz account, find the Work Order template, and create a new form based on that template. Then you would fill out the form. The next time you need to fill out a Work Order, you would do the same thing -- creating another form based on the same Work Order template.


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