Your completed forms can be converted to PDF — allowing you to then share the completed form with others electronically, or print out a hard copy from a PDF viewer. The following actions are available:

Generating Form PDFs in the Web App

You can generate a form PDF from two places in the web interface:

  • In the Forms Tab, select Open PDF from the [...] Actions menu, or

  • In the Web Form Editor, click the Open PDF button in the left-hand sidebar.

The Select Pages dialog box will open. Choose which form pages you want in the PDF — you can select “All pages” to print the entire form, or “Custom” to print specific pages only. If you have pre-configured additional options using the Print Configuration screen, those will appear in the dropdown as well.

Once you have selected your pages, you can do two things:

  • Click Download to download the form PDF to your computer, or

  • Click Open to open the form PDF in your browser's native PDF editor

Once you have generated and downloaded/opened your PDF, you can print a hard copy of the form or send an electronic copy anywhere you like.

Generating Form PDFs in the Mobile App

In the mobile app, you can generate a form PDF using the Share option that is available in the [...] menu of the Forms List or Form Viewer/Editor. You will be prompted to choose which form pages you want in the PDF via a Share Form screen. Select “All pages” to print the entire form, “Custom” to print specific pages only, or a pre-configured Print Configuration. From here, you can download the form PDF to your device, or open/share it through an app. 

For details on how to generate and share form PDFs on your specific mobile platform, refer to our Mobile App User Guide.

Downloading multiple forms as PDF files

You can bulk-download multiple form PDFs at once in the Forms Tab of the web interface. To do this, check the boxes next to the forms you want to download. A Bulk Actions menu will appear at the top. Expand this menu, and click Download. A ZIP file will download, containing PDFs of all the forms you selected.

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