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GoFormz mobile app overview
GoFormz mobile app overview

Review the mobile system requirements and learn about what you can expect when using the GoFormz mobile app.

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The GoFormz mobile app enables users to create and complete new Forms, view and manage existing Forms, transfer and receive dispatched Forms, and download or share Form PDF’s — all either online or offline.

Before you leverage the GoFormz mobile app, please review device requirements and a brief overview about what to expect from the GoFormz mobile experience.

Device requirements

GoFormz does not provide specific recommendations for which devices you should use. Because technology advances at a rapid rate, best practice is to select devices which suit your needs and operate at a high level by today's standards.

The GoFormz mobile app requires the following versions for Android, iOS, and Windows:

  • Android - Version 8 or later.

  • iOS - Version 14 or later.

  • Windows - Version 1809 or later.

If you attempt to download the GoFormz mobile app on an unsupported device, you’ll receive a message letting you know that your device isn’t compatible. You’ll be unable to complete installation.

Users within a GoFormz account are free to use a variety of mobile devices, so long as they meet the system requirements listed above.

After you’ve installed the GoFormz mobile app on a supported device, you’re ready to access your user profile on the mobile app.

Access your user profile, and create and complete Forms on your mobile device

The GoFormz mobile app enables users to create and complete Forms using phones and tablets. Each user profile can remain logged in to 2 mobile devices, and the user’s web account at the same time.

Mobile devices automatically sync every 90 seconds with your GoFormz web account so long as the device has a solid data connection, and is either open or running in the background. This means that all Forms and Templates automatically sync.

Note: If a new Template is added to an account it must be manually downloaded before new Forms can be created and completed using the new Template.

Even if you don’t have a data connection, you’ll still have access to your downloaded Forms and Templates. Any tasks you complete while you don’t have service will automatically sync when you have coverage again.

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