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Updating a Form's Template Version
Updating a Form's Template Version
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Admins can update a form's base template version using the Web Form Editor. In order to update a Form's Template version the user must first:

  1. Be an Admin (in the Administrators group) on the GoFormz account

  2. Own the form they are updating

  3. Open the form in the Web Form Editor

Once the form is open in the Web Form Editor, select the Form actions menu in the top right corner of the editor.

In the Form actions menu, select "Template Version"

Next, a modal will open allowing the Admin to choose which version of the original template this Form should be updated to. A Form can be updated to any published or previously published version of the template it is based on.

Note that you cannot update a form to use a different template at any time.

In the example below, the current template version in use is Version 1 (designated by the checkmark and bold text). From this dropdown, select any version you would like to update to.

Once you have selected the correct Template Version to update to, click the Save button.

Finally, confirm you would like to complete this action and your form will refresh to reflect any changes made by updating to the selected Template Version.

When updating a form's Template Version, a new Form Version will automatically be created to reflect this update, marking the date, time, what happened, and the user who made the update.

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